Priya Rai

Doctor: Priya Rai

Update: Busty doctor Priya Rai had ambitions of making a love potion that she could use to control any guy she pleased. She worked feverishly in her lab until she came up with a concoction that she was sure would work. All Priya needed was a human guinea pig to test it on and for that she chose her faithful assistant TJ. The potion worked even better than Dr. Rai had hoped for. TJ was under her complete control so Priya commanded him to fuck her until she had multiple orgasms.

Doctor Nikki Rhodes

Doctor: Nikki Rhodes

Update: Doctor Rhodes is responsible for performing drug tests on several high profile athletes. When one of her patients got a less than desirable score, his lawyer paid Dr. Rhodes a visit. He was adamant about having Nikki either run another test or fudge the existing report. Considering Nikki always has so many athletic guys coming in for appointments, she’s never been opposed to having sex in the doctor’s office. This sexy redhead doctor flashed her tits and gave her patient’s lawyer an ultimatum. The lawyer did what he had to do to get his client out of hot water and in the end, everyone was satisfied.

Rebecca Linares

Patient: Rebecca Linares

Chart: Dr. Johnny Sins is passionate when it comes to taking care of his patients but Rebecca Linares really caught him off guard. She was explaining her symptoms in Spanish and the doctor couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying. When Rebecca got frustrated with the lack of communication, she bent over and pointed to her fine ass. The doctor was so impressed with what he saw; he took the opportunity to give Rebecca an anal probe with his cock.

Ryder Skye

Doctor: Ryder Skye

Patient Chart: Charles was trying every dirty trick in the book to get out of paying his enormous doctor bill. Dr. Skye wasn’t too happy about it and although she wasn’t overly eager to help Charles out, she did offer him one option. Ryder told him that if he licked and fucked her pussy until she was satisfied; maybe she could help him out with his finances. She figured she wouldn’t be getting the money anyway and she’d been craving a nice hard cock all week. Now Charles wishes that all of his bill collectors were as hot and horny as Dr. Skye.